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We encourage you to view our Robotic Hand page for videos on our efforts there. Those seeking more information or licensing options should contact Joe Rush using the email address listed above.

July 2019: Upon recent testing, it was discovered that the hovercraft needs an improved suspension system to handle uneven surfaces better. We want to avoid bottoming out in rough terrain. This will be our next focal point of improvement.

Announcement: Due to the lack of community support for the Hovercraft designed and developed by Joe Rush, the project will not be developed or continued until further notice. Your communication with Joe Rush is encouraged and any suggestions you may have on future developments or promotion of the Hovercraft is welcome. You can email Joe at

Note: We have addressed the issue of the need for additional ballast. With the bi-directional air flow if it is made adjustable with a flapper valve.

The handle for the air valve uses a 3/4 inch ratchet system which is made of plastic and could be glued to the valve or machined for a more accurate fitting.

Photo of the air valve:

You can now lift up the back of the hovercraft or lower it as needed. The air flow can shift the weight of the hovercraft. This was a much sought after development.


Special thanks to Scoot and Crew at Eldridge Welding & Machine Co.


Personal levitated air vehicle with friction wheels.


Joe originally developed this in 1995
and obtained a patent (#5,377,775 - January 3, 1995) on the design.

Prototype Is Available - see it in action!
 This has been a labor of love by the inventor for several years. The project has not been commercialized up to this point. We are currently able to go up slight inclines with the hovercraft but we need to tool up and add new functionality to be able to climb hills and add additional capacity for additional passengers with this unique transportation vehicle.

Your interest is greatly appreciated. Licensing options are available.  If you would like to contribute directly to this effort, send your checks or money orders directly to the inventor:

Joseph A. Rush - 2825 S.E. 14th, Lot #61, Des Moines, IA 50320

New enhancements have been added: this is a new adjustable air flow valve. This enhancement allows travel over hills by one person.


Plans available!
Contact the inventor by email at

Purchase plans can include advanced technical support for those who wish to manufacture the hovercraft. Contact the inventor for details. Your purchase of plans help advance this project!

See a slide show of the schematics HERE

PUBLIC DOMAIN, a new and unique form of transportation that blends the attributes of a hovercraft with that of a motorcycle to provide a new form of transportation for the 21st century. The innovation offers a hovercraft developed for travel over land that uses motorcycle steering and propulsion. This invention, awarded a U.S. patent, is being offered by Joseph Rush.

"Hovercraft with Motorcycle" is unique in the world of vehicular travel. As the name implies, it is a hovercraft type of vehicle with motorcycle steering and propulsion. The advantage is that the user has access to all the benefits of hovercraft along with the improved steering and propulsion. Traditional hovercraft devices, because they have no supplementary steering or propulsion system, are difficult to start and stop and are affected with sluggish steering capabilities. In "Hovercraft with Motorcycle" those problems are virtually nonexistent. Also besides brakes it also has reverse to make travel easier. This is a form of transportation that is in step with today's needs.

Air levitation as used instead of magnetic levitation. Do not have to have expensive electro magnets all over the road, it works on existing streets, nothing to change or build. As far as grades or hills, it would be perfect if cities and towns were flat, but that is not the case. To go up hills, it would be be best if all the weight were on the wheels but it would not be levitating if that were the case.
 Ballast weight has to be included so the hovercraft can go up hills.

The hovercraft motorcycle information is free, especially to any manufacturer or persons interested. Your support for continued research is needed in order to make this a successful form of transportation. To make this vehicle street legal and an efficient form of transportation it must be able to go up inclines. The support received from contributors will assist us in making this vehicle capable of transporting over varied road situations, including hills.

For More Info: You may contact the inventor at

U.S. Patent Number: 5,377,775 Patented 1/3/95 - NOW IN PUBLIC DOMAIN

Joseph A. Rush, 2825 S.E. 14th, Lot #61, Des Moines, IA 503

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